Ditch the Resort: 4 Unique Honeymoon Ideas

Unique honeymoon ideas

Ditch the Resort: 4 Unique Honeymoon Ideas

When it comes to honeymoon destinations, luxury resorts in tropical destinations like St. Lucia and Bora Bora tend to be the most popular. However, shelling out thousands of dollars for a vacation isn’t practical for every couple, especially those who just paid for a wedding. Fortunately, for couples who have decided that the tried-and-true honeymoon spots don’t fit their personalities, budget or time allowances, there are plenty of alternatives. Check out these unique honeymoon ideas!

Volunteering Honeymoon

Volunteering honeymoons are gaining popularity and probably the most unique honeymoon idea. Great for couples who want to celebrate their new marriage while traveling the world and getting involved in something that they’ve never encountered before while having a positive impact on individuals, communities and organizations in need. From learning to dive and helping with marine conservation efforts in Mozambique or working with disadvantaged women and children in developing countries to clearing national park trails and cleaning up beaches, there is a vast number of possibilities.


More and more, newly married couples are ditching theme parks and destinations with bustling nightlife in favor of visiting natural or protected areas with the goal of participating in activities that don’t have negative effects on the environment or the local community. Rather than spending their honeymoon confined to a resort, couples are venturing out to explore the natural areas surrounding their honeymoon destination in an environmentally responsible way. Hiking, wildlife viewing or stargazing, horseback riding, kayaking and snorkeling are some of the best ways to explore a new region without negatively affecting it.


Have a dream destination in mind but don’t have the budget to stay in an upscale resort? If you and your spouse-to-be are outdoorsy, then camping may be your answer. Generally speaking, campsites have a highly affordable nightly rate, and if you’re especially resourceful, backcountry camping is a great free option. Camping gives you the opportunity to save on lodging expenses, which may free up more of your budget for food and activities.

Scenic Train Rides

Though train travel may not come immediately to mind when you’re trying to decide how to spend your honeymoon, you may want to consider adding this mode of transportation to your itinerary. Trains give you a front-row seat to viewing beautiful vineyards, expansive mountain ranges and lush jungles, winding through stunning landscapes that you can’t see from the windows of your car. Accommodations range from simple roomettes with fold-out bunks to spacious bedroom suites with private bathrooms and fresh linen and towel service. From exploring the Scottish Highlands to visiting the Grand Canyon, train travel may be the perfect way to explore a new destination while letting someone else do the driving.

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Mike LaTour

By Mike LaTour  | Owner Soundwave Art

I spent 17 years in the music industry and have always had a love of art. Combining music, sound, and art was a perfect fit. With the success of Soundwave Art™ and our augmented reality app we felt that Star Map Art needed an upgrade so we launched Augmented Reality Star Map Art!