Getting Your Home Ready for Fall

getting your home ready for fall

Getting Your Home Ready for Fall

The transition from summer to fall seems to happen overnight, and if you’re a homeowner, preparing for cooler weather requires a little more than breaking out the fall-scented candles and carving pumpkins. Taking a weekend to tackle a few projects around the house can save you a lot of frustration and money later on. Here are some tips for getting your home ready for fall.

Give Your Gutters Some TLC

It’s easy to take your gutters for granted; as long as they’re doing their job efficiently, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about the fact that they’ve drained countless gallons of water off your roof just in the past year. However, if they get clogged with all the leaves, twigs and tree seeds, they stop doing their job efficiently. This could potentially mean flooding inside your home, wood rot, pest infestations, not to mention damage to the gutters. The cooler weather makes this the perfect time to check out your gutters and clean or replace them if necessary.

Bring Your Outdoor Furniture Inside

You’ve invested time and money into creating an outdoor space that you love, and you want to make sure that you enjoy your outdoor furniture year after year. While it’s true that outdoor furniture is treated to withstand a certain amount of rain, wind, sun and snow, leaving it out in cold weather will take its toll on its beauty, comfort and lifespan. If you don’t have a garage or shed to store your furniture in, you can generally pick up waterproof furniture covers for a good price.

Take Care of Cracks in Sidewalks and Driveways

The crack in your driveway may not bother you too much now, but especially if you live someplace that is likely to see snow, ice or freezing rain during the next few months, you’ll want to fill that crack. When water gets into cracks, it freezes and expands. By taking the time to fill in the crack or seal your driveway, you can prevent having to patch large holes later on.

Maintain Your Landscaping

Your grass may not be growing as much now, but your yardwork isn’t done for the year. The grass roots are actually going deeper in preparation for the winter, making this the ideal time to reseed and fertilize your lawn. Next year, your efforts will be rewarded with a lush, healthy yard. After the leaves fall, this is also a good time to prune your trees and shrubs to encourage healthy growth next spring. If you have tree limbs hanging near any power lines or the roof of your house, they should be trimmed before heavy snow and ice have the chance to cause damage.

Don’t Forget the Inside Chores

While a lot of fall weekend projects will be outdoor-centric, the changing season is a good reminder to take care of a few inside tasks, as well. Test your smoke and monoxide detectors, replace your furnace filter and change out your summer screens to cool weather storm doors and windows. If you have any gaps around doors or windows, install weatherstripping or break out the caulk gun, and if you have a wood-burning fireplace, get it inspected before your first fire of the season.

Following these preventative home maintenance tips this fall can ensure that your home is safe and comfortable this winter while helping you avoid costly emergency repairs.

Mike LaTour

By Mike LaTour  | Owner Soundwave Art

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