Augmented Reality Art

How Star Map Art is using Augmented Reality To Enhance Your Art

The Soundwave Art™ App

Soundwave Art AppWe are owned and operated by Soundwave Art™ which gives us the ability to add Augmented Reality to your Star Map Art. When you upload a photo to be inserted beneeth the Stars as well as a video or audio file associated with your photo you will be able to scan your photo and watch the art come to life!


Download the free Soundwave Art™ App and scan this image to see it in action. Get it on iOS or Android.


The Soundwave Art app analyzes your photo and creates a model based on shapes, lines, proportions, and colors. It then matches that model against the star map art in our database. When it matches your photo and video stored on our servers, the magic happens by overlaying an enhanced generated video on top of your artwork, using augmented reality to merge the digital and physical world. An entirely new way to enjoy artwork.

Augmented Reality Art

Augmented Reality Star Map

See It In Action!

By adding a photo from that special day you can use our app to take you back to that moment. Just upload a video or audio file and you can re-live that moment anytime you want! Not only will the stars be aligned but we’ll merge the digital and physical world, your special moment hidden within your art.


Augmented Reality is changing the art world. There are some amazing artists creating some really cool pieces. Now you have the chance to create your own customazied augmented reality art.